March 2020 Exhibition


Andrei Alexander Anton


3rd -28th MARCH

PV  Thursday 5th 6.30-8.30


Way Out is the inaugural exhibition of Romanian born artist Andrei Alexander Anton - a selftaught artist who uses his painting as a form of expression and escapism, producing what can be described as a modern medley of styles. Born in Timioara, Romania he studied Development and Public Construction and had little exposure to art growing up. His interest art and his figural subjects is informed by his travels and experiences throughout Europe.  


His work defies strict formal conventions of artistic practice; pushing the boundaries of material aptitude in an expression of abstracted thoughts and feelings. A. A. Anton’s mixed media masterpieces are the product of two years experimentation with different styles and painting materials. While the majority of his work is painted using acrylic and glue, he often tests the compatibility of mediums such as oils, spray paint, pen, and charcoal. This experimentation facilitated A. A. Anton’s profound connection to and understanding of his materials, shown in the rawness of his style and sound application of colour. Often surprised by the choices he makes throughout the creative process, the intrigue for him as an artist lies in the inexactitude of his painting technique.


This exhibition showcases the current developments of A. A. Anton’s style with the certainty of future growth and style evolution given the works’ highly experimental nature. Themes of nudity and the female face command his attention for the challenge they present in their representation through painting, facilitating his drive as an artist to constantly test his technical abilities. Painting from real life references grounds his subject matter in reality, but the enjoyment of the painting process for him is in the complete release of his inhibitions; letting his mind design the finished composition in an almost meditative flow of ideas.


Although A. A. Anton might describe his artistic journey as a series of chance happenings, his absence of formal training frees him from the accurate expression of forms as they are perceived, allowing him to visually conceive a true perception of all things.  



Gallery space available: please email or ring for details

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